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Journal 2.1

Well, I wasn’t able to write a fanfic for Ren-Ren’s birthday, so  I made this instead! hahaha~!

Yeah~ It's just simple :(

Oh well~ hahaha! O_O! I can't believe that Ren-Ren is already 18 years old! >.< Oh no~ Hahaha~ I wish him good luck to whatever life choices he choose , and to everything that he loves to do. Also, I hope that he continues to bring more happiness to everyone around him! I hope to see more him and to what he can do in the future!~ That's all! Once again, Happy 18th Birthday Ren-Ren~! <3
hahaha! XD

P.S. Wait for me, Ren-Ren XD *gets bricked*


Journal 2

Before I go school, let me just greet nagase ren a happy birthday!! \(^o^)/ hope he enjoys his day~ <3 hahahaha~ gotta post something later when I get back home from school, but for now ill post this hahahaha~ gotta go now~ ;)



Title: When he greatly annoys you but still love him
Date: Jan. 9, 2017
Characters: Nishihata Daigo, Nagase Ren, Onishi Ryusei
Pairing: DaiRen

Comment: This fanfic is for Daigo-nii’s birthday!~ ^^ Waah~ He’s already 20 years old >< So old hahaha joke! <3 HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAIGO-NII!! <3 (Yes, I call him Daigo-nii for no odd reason XD)

“Ren, get off me!” Nishihata Daigo exclaimed, as soon as the younger lad, Nagase Ren, pounced at him from behind so unexpectedly. It suddenly irritated him since he was in no mood to play with him or whatsoever, even little Onishi Ryusei understood what he was feeling right now, that’s why he stayed at the corner of the room, playing with his phone. But it seems that one idiot wasn’t considerate enough for his feelings. “Ren, for the last freaking time, GET OFF me!!” Daigo shouted, now very angry and irritated, and tried to push him away with all his might. “Dammit Ren!” When Daigo was able to push Ren away, because he didn’t put on resistance, he immediately slapped him, and ran out of the room. And since the slap was crisp and loud, Ryusei couldn’t help but be shock at the incident. Ren, although he just got slapped by his friend (actually lover), was still able to pull a smile, while caressing his slapped cheek.

“R-Ren, are you alright?” Ryusei asked, already worried of him.

“Never better…” Ren replied with a smirk, and went out of the room to follow Daigo.

“Those two just left me…” Ryusei said, after he had left the room, and sighed. “Those two really…” he mumbled, and went back to his game.

Running through the corridors, Daigo regretted for slapping Ren earlier. He didn’t mean it, but he just went simply across the line. “I didn’t mean to slap him, but damn it Ren know your limits!” he said to himself, turning to the right where the main lobby is located. He continues to be frustrated at the incident awhile ago, and wants to remove it from his mind. “Daigo, nevermind that… Just keep your cool next time…” he mumbled.

When he arrived at the main lobby, Daigo saw Ren at the left wing of the main lobby, standing at the other entrance and exit of the floor. He grunted, and immediately turned around to get away from him again. But Ren chased after him and soon caught him into an embrace. Daigo was surprised, and started squirming for freedom.

“Ren, what the heck?! Let go off me!!” Daigo shouted, but the boy didn’t listen to him, and instead pinned him to the wall.

“Eee?~ What’s wrong Dai-chan? Don’t you want to play with me~?” Ren playfully teased, and leaned closer to his face.

“Ren, I’m not really in the mood!” Daigo said, trying to fight back his feelings for him. “I’m tired from work, okay?” he reasoned.

“You’re always not in the mood for me…” Ren’s voice dropped, and suddenly lets go off him, and walks away.

Daigo felt hurt by what he just said to him, that something pricked his heart to ache. So he followed him in attempt to explain what he meant. “R-Ren?! Are you-- Are you mad?!” he asked. But Ren ignored him, and walked faster. He suddenly felt guilty. “Ren, let me explain!” he said, speeding up. Again, the younger lad ignored him and started to run along the hallway, which made Daigo chase him. “Oi Ren!~” he shouted, but later heard him laughing; that’s when he realized that he was only pretending to be angry at him. “What the heck, Ren?!” he shouted at him.

Ren finally  glances at him. “I thought you didn’t want to play with me?!~” he said.

“I didn’t!!” Daigo replied back.

“Then why are you chasing me?!~” he asked again.

“Because I thought you were angry at me!”

Suddenly, Ren stopped running. He turned around, facing Daigo with his arms open wide, and waits for him. Unfortunately, Daigo didn’t see it coming, thus not being able to stop himself from crashing into him. Ren locked him to an embrace, lifted him, and twirled him around, making him laugh.

“Ren, put me down!” Daigo said, but was laughing. Ren puts him down and steals a kiss from him.

“Dai-chan, I’m sorry for pestering you. I just really want to play with you because I miss you…” Ren apologized, while bowing his head. Daigo lightly laughs and holds his face to look at a pouting Ren.

“Idiot~ I told you I was tired because of work. Learn to understand others, will ya?” he said, lightly scolding him. “Also, I’m sorry for slapping you earlier…” he added and leaned towards him to give him a kiss on the cheek, where he had slapped earlier.

Ren smiled at him and hugged him unexpectedly.

“I love you Dai-chan~” he whispers to his ears, which made Daigo smile like an idiot.

“I love you too, Ren…” he says and hugs him back.

From afar, Ryusei couldn’t stop giggling because of what he just witnessed awhile ago. It made him happy that the ‘couple’ are fine again. He left the area and decided to play with the other kids inside the building.

The End!~ <3


Date: Dec. 27, 2016
Title: “Stop crying!”

Pairing: Nagase Ren x Takahashi Kaito

“Takahashi-kun, please don’t cry anymore. I’m sorry!” Nagase Ren begged for the nth time to Takahashi Kaito, who has been crying ever since Ren gave him a one hell of a scare that only led him to cry. A few minutes ago, as Takahashi was about to enter the room, Ren suddenly jumped behind the door while wearing a horrifying mask that was one of his---Takahashi’s--- fears. Takahashi screamed and cried afterwards, Ren noticed it after laughing for a short while and threw the mask away and tries to calm him down. And now Takahashi won’t stop crying and Ren will be in so much trouble when the others will find out that he made their youngest member cry.

“Takahashi-kun, I’m sorry…” Ren begged again, desperate to keep Takahashi shut his mouth before he gets a good scolding from Genki.

Takahashi covered his face as to not let Ren see his crying face but Ren wanted to remove his hands from covering his face but to no avail. Ren grunted and forcefully removed his hands on his face and kissed him on the lips, Takahashi got shocked which stopped him from crying. Ren’s kiss stayed a litte longer and soon pulled away with his cheeks flustered in pink and his heart beating fast, he was breathing a bit fast too, grasping for air because of that long-short-I-don’t-know-how-long-or-short-that-kiss was.Takahashi, on the other hand, was still in shock, his hand on his lips, trying to savor---no, not savor--- but to remember what had happened a while ago.

“R-Ren-kun?” he spoke.

“Don’t ever tell this to anyone…” Ren firmly said and stood up, giving a hand to Takahashi to stand up, which he accepted it and stood up. “I only did it to shut you up from crying, since I don’t want Gen-chan to scold at me…” he said, while rubbing his nape, not looking into his eyes.

Takahashi only nodded.

“I… um… so anyway… I’m sorry…” Ren apologized, this time looking into his eyes.

Takahashi finally smiled at him, making him smile at him as well and wiped the remaining tears on his face. Suddenly, Hirano came running through the hallway and accidentally hit on the door due to his fast running. Ren and Takahashi became shocked at his unexpected arrival.

“Is everything alright?” Hirano asked, as soon as he stood up immediately. Ren and Takahashi nodded in response.
“Yeah, everything’s alright. Right Takahashi-kun?” Ren said, swinging an arm around Takahashi’s shoulders. Hirano raised a brow at this, but later shrugged it off, and left informing the two to come to their photoshoot later, and they only nodded in reply.

“Ren-kun, did I tell you that you look really cute when you blush, especially awhile ago?” Takahashi suddenly teased, making Ren react.

“What?! No, I’m not!” he denied, not wanting to believe what Takahashi actually said (because come on he’s suppose to look cool.)

Takahashi only giggled.

“Oh shut up--” Ren said and gave him a peck on the lips. “You just want to be kissed again…” he added, and Takahashi only laughed.

The End XD

Comment: I actually wrote this fanfic a month and a year ago Hahaha! I was still new to KinPuri at that time especially to Takahashi Kaito Hahahaha! Because I already knew the others except him, although I already saw him in his performance in Shounen Club way back then. I just didn't pay much attention to him lol (I'm sorryy! ><) I just wanted to try shipping Ren-Ren and Ta-to Takahashi Hahaha because why not? HahahaXD

This is purely fiction, by the way...


Title: Trouble with a tie
Characters: Sasaki Taiko, Iwasaki Taisho

Comment:Taiko and Taisho, why so handsome and cool, huh? ~<3
Got my tongue twisted because of the word 'tie' XD Hahaha!~

“Taiko!~ I can’t tie my tie again!~” shouted Taisho, as he struggles from tying his black tie for their upcoming photoshoot. “Waah!~ Why can’t I tie you?” grunted the struggling junior, and threw the black tie a few feet away from him. “Hmph!” he said and sulked at a corner.

Seconds later, someone picked up the black tie and,  went to the sulking junior. “Taisho, giving up again?” said the other junior and messed Taisho’s newly styled hair. “You shouldn’t be like that…” he said and sat beside him, chuckling.

Taisho looked at the person and his eyes suddenly widened upon seeing who it was. “Taiko!” he exclaimed, relieved to see him come to the rescue.

Taiko only smiled at him. “Face here so that I could tie your black tie…” he said, which he immediately followed and watched him tie his black tie. “You should honestly learn how to tie a tie already, Taisho…” he said, while tying his tie.

“I-I know… but I kept on forgetting it how…” Taisho said, and looked away feeling embarrassed.

Taiko chuckled again. “There we go~ All done” he said, after he had finished tying his tie. “Now, don’t untie that until the photoshoot is really done, okay? Because I ain’t tying it again if you untie that, got it?” he said, standing up already.

“Mm! Got it.” Taisho said, and stood up as well. “Thanks Taiko~” he smiled.

“No problem. Now, let’s go… everyone is waiting for us already…” Taiko said, and started walking towards the door.

“Hey~ Wait up!” Taisho exclaimed and followed him.

The End!~XD


Title: Some morning
Characters: Nagase Ren, Nishihata Daigo
Rating: PG-13

Comment: This is my first time posting this fanfic here... so... uhmmm... please forgive me if I have some wrong grammars or spellings in this fanfic... I doubt someone would read this, though...

  So it was another lazy Monday morning for Nagase Ren to start up his usual day. The sun didn't seem to bother showing up in the sky, thick dark grayish clouds dominating the sky, and adding the cool temperature because it's already Autumn; making Ren lose his energy to go to school or to work. He still laid on his bed, under the thick blankets that he had pulled out from his closet last night, and tried to snooze off again when his phone rang from his study table.

"Ugh~!" he groaned, trying to ignore the annoying sound, and buried his head under his pillow. The phone stopped ringing, which made him relieved; however, Ren tried reaching for his phone on the table to check who called him so early in the morning. But instead, he accidentally pressed something which activated the voice message of the caller. Seconds later, a familiar shout came, calling at his nickname. Ren slightly jolted and accidentally dropped his phone as the message still continued talking.

'Ren! Pick up you damn phone!!' it shouted. Ren almost jumped out of his bed, after hearing his name. 'Can't you at least answer my call just this once? You know that we don't get to see each other that much because you live I-don't-know-how-many-kilometers away from me, and because of your tight schedule at work!!' it still continued to rant over the phone. Ren stared at his talking device, almost fully awake, while trying to let the words sync into his mind slowly. But it seems that the caller was so angry at him that it shouted his full name, making Ren snap out and fully awake.


"Aah~!" Ren shouted and fell from his bed, making a loud thud on the floor. "Oh crap! That was Dai-chan..." he frantically said, and immediately got up to search for his phone, that got kicked under his bed. "Where the heck is my phone?" he said, crouching under his bed and saw his phone still blinking. He tries to reach for it before the message will end. "I bet his already angry at me for not answering his call..." he mumbled, already feeling guilty.

He got his phone and received 1 missed call coming from his friend and probably lover -- Nishihata Daigo. Ren cussed under his breath and tried to dial Daigo again. He anticipates for him to answer his call, but, sadly, only a beep was heard followed by the service message. 'The number you have dialed is unavailable. Please call again later.' it said. Ren heaved a sigh. 'Please leave a message after the beep...' it said again and left a long beep.

"G-Good morning Dai-chan!" he started, forcing himself to sound a bit energetic but ends up sounding a bit weird. "S-Sorry for not answering your call awhile ago... uhm... I-I'll make it up to you somehow, so please don't be mad at me..." he said, already unsure of what is he saying to him. "Do your best at work, okay? B-Bye..." he said, and ended his message to him. He heaved another sigh, and threw his phone on his bed. "Some morning..." he mumbled, and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

After how many minutes, Ren went out of the bathroom, all clean and fresh, and went to his closet to get dressed for school. After dressing up, he went to his bed to fix his beddings, and picked up his phone afterwards. He was about to leave the room when he saw a message coming from Daigo. Somehow, he felt nervous of what the older lad might say to him, so slowly, he opened the message icon expecting an all caps locked and exclamation pointed message, but to his surprise it only revealed him a simple message. Ren started to its content.

'Geez~ Ren, it's not that I'm angry at you for not answering my call awhile ago... well okay maybe I was, just a little... but it's just that I want to wake you up because I know you hate waking up very early in the morning, especially if it's a Monday. So goog luck, and do your best at school and at work~ <3 You'll treat me, right? Hahaha'

Ren smiled at his message, replied back, kept his phone and went out of his room to have breakfast.

"Good morning Ren~" his chimed, after seeing him appear at the dining area and took a seat. "You seem to have a good morning..." she added, while bringing the food on the table.

Ren smiled and said, "Good morning too, mom~ I guess I do...", and started eating his breakfast.

Monday mornings aren't really his type, but hearing Daigo's voice made it, somehow, special for him.

The End!~ XD